Pres. Trump: We will not do a deal with China unless it is a great deal

Pres. Trump reiterates comments on China

Pres Trump is out saying:

  • China wants to make a trade deal very badly
  • We will not do it deal with China unless it is a great deal
  • He is the one holding up China trade deal
  • Trump expects to meet with China’s Xi at the G20

Interesting is the comment that “he is the one holding up the China trade deal”. Recall, when Trump announced the increased tariffs on the breakdown of the talks, the blame was put on China. He is now saying that he is holding up the deal.  

Is the Trump squeeze on?

On North Korea, Trump says,

  • He received a beautiful letter from North Korea’s Kim. He received a letter on Monday
  • US has a great relationship with North Korea.
  • Expects something positive will happen with North Korea. 
  • Kim has kept his word. There have been no nuclear testing of long range missiles.

Below is another letter that Pres. Trump received from Kim. 


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