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Can Reddit offer anything to traders? What could possibly be the value of advice from an online forum like Reddit? The specific Forex subreddit, not only features success stories but horror stories of forex traders “blowing” their accounts in a myriad of ways. It’s like being privy to an extensive trial and error process (most
What can technical analysis do for you Whether to use technical indicators or not is a question that creates great controversy among forex traders. Many traders who relied on technical indicators felt betrayed at some point – by a wrong entry signal or a late exit from the market. As a result, there are those
Add some news to your trading Forex trading or any type of CFD and non-derivative trading requires an immense amount data. The stereotypical image of a trader sitting in front of a six-screen array with the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times opened on their desk, exists for a reason. If you go
Seven tips for getting the most out of the summer market It was Ella Fitzgerald who performed the song ‘Summertime’. The iconic opening lyrics are, of course, ‘Summertime and the livin’ is easy‘. Well living may be easier during the summer months, but trading can often be more challenging. During the summer months large market
Forex education from LegacyFX There are a number of different strategies that traders use to govern their actions or decision-making. One of the most effective is sentiment analysis, which reflects simply understanding the current mood of the market. The market, like any person or individual is subject to different moods. Correctly reading the market’s mood